7 Tips to Avoid Bad Hair Days

We’ve all been there. Whether it is was right before a big day at work, going on a date with a special lady, or going to see the family, we’ve all had bad hair days. Bad hair days can be incredibly frustrating and derail a man’s confidence, mood, and the overall good vibes that you intended for the day. Bad hair days can be particularly frustrating if you prefer to spend less time instead of more on your morning routine. Though bad hair days are sometimes unavoidable due to humidity, lack thereof, or the fact that Mercury is in retrograde, below are some steps you can take to have next to no bad hair days.


A warm shower is a relaxing start to a day. However, a hot one can cause damage to your hair and, as a consequence, your hair may not do what you want. An overly hot shower can cause dryness, which can be the cause of a flaky scalp—which nobody wants—and dry brittle hair. Keeping your shower at a moderate temperature can help your hair and scalp retain their natural oils, which will help your scalp remain healthy and your hair remain soft and pliable.


Rubbing your hair with a towel after a refreshing shower can feel nice, but this can also damage your hair. Though you would think a towel would be a fairly gentle thing, it can be one of the biggest causes of damage. Hair can get tangled in the weave of the towel and cause the strands of your hair to stretch, break, and pull out of your head—not cool. If you have a tendency for frizzy hair, you may want to be a little more gentle when applying the towel to your head. Instead of briskly rubbing your head, be more gentle by shaking out the water first and then stroking it in the direction that it grows.


Hair tools can be incredibly helpful in getting the look that you want. However, choosing the right ones and using them correctly are a must. Once again, as we discussed in regards to the towel, when your hair is wet or even after that when you are styling it, this isn’t the time to be rough with your hair. Instead of using a brush to make sense of your wet hair, grab a wide-tooth comb and work through the tangles in your hair gently. Do not rip through the tangles—this is how you lose your hair and it is how you end up with damaged hair that will not want to style the way you want it too. Also, keep in mind that when you use heat tools on your hair, including a hair dryer, that heat can be damaging and applying the right care and products to stave off damage is a must.


Hats make an excellent accessory. They keep a man warm in the winter and the sun off in the summer, but hats can have damaging effects. Traction alopecia is the condition describing when the hair is yanked out of the scalp. Ill-fitting hats—those that are too tight—braids, ponytails, cornrows, and other similar hairstyles can cause your hair to be yanked from your head and, in turn, be the cause of bad hair days and permanent hair loss.


A hairstylist can definitely play a big part in whether or not you are having a good or bad hair day. First, you must know that your hair does not grow evenly, and so as a result, as more time passes after your last hair cut, your hair cut loses it’s shape and becomes harder to manage. Also, a good hairstylist will not only cut your hair to fit your style and face shape, but also your styling preferences. If you like to style your hair, you can feel free to pick a style that requires a bit more maintenance. But if you want to get done with your morning routine as soon as possible, choosing a high-maintenance hair style isn’t in your best interest. Find a hairstylist that can not only give you a great haircut, but can help you find a cut that will fit your lifestyle.


Investing in quality products is a must if you want to have great looking hair and avoid as many bad hair days as possible. Though there are some products that you find at the grocery or drugstore that work, most aren’t doing your hair any favors. Some will dry out our hair or build up residue on your roots, making your hair appear dirty and oily. Choosing high-quality products from shampoo and conditioner to pomade and hairspray, will help you get the look that you want. Also, when you invest in high-quality men’s hair care products, they will actually do what they claim to, causing your hair to look great all day long.

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