Facial Hair You Need in 2020

Men have worn beards and other facial hair since the beginning of time whether out of necessity, preferences, or laziness. However, how beards, moustaches, and other facial hair have been worn has changed. During the Civil War, generals donned moustaches that needed their own zip code designation and hipsters made beards cool again — or pretentious, depending on how you see it. To put it simply, beards have always been “in.”

If you want to wear the facial carpet this spring, then you’ll want to keep reading to make sure you’re letting your most natural accessory look its best and in style.


If you’ve read the Chopperhead blog for awhile, you will have probably known that we love bikes — our name is Chopperhead! As a result, we thought what better way to discuss facial hair styles than to talk about motorcycles, too.

The Retro Bike: The Short-Long Beard

Nothing is as timeless as the classic, yet modern style of the retro bike and classy gentlemen  with the short-long beards who ride them. Beards are timeless, and a precisely trimmed short-long beard is distinguished and attractive for any man whether they have a defined jawline or a double chin. However, we do suggest that only those with a beard that grows in fully wear this style. Read more about the retro bike and style.

How to Wear It

To perfect your short-long beard, you will need patience to let your facial hair grow. Also, you want to make sure that you don’t remove hair from the interior of the beard — right under the chin and under your jawline on your neck. This hair will provide the bulk and foundation for this beard style.

How To Care For It

Once you’ve grown your beard, to care for it, it will need regular trimming to keep it classy looking. You also need to invest in a beard care regimen to avoid dandruff, beard-ne (beard acne), and a scraggly looking beard. Products to invest in:


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If you are inspired by Steve McQueen and the Great Escape, you will love to rock this style and get out on the road with the bike that inspired it.

The Sport Bike: The Short Beard

If you like wearing a beard but also like to keep it short and trim, you will love to wear the short beard. Inspired by the sport bike, a lean, but mean bike that can go zero to 60 in a blink of an eye, your beard is masculine but doesn’t get in the way of your need to experience the thrills of the track at full speed. If you are looking for a smart and rugged look, this is the style for you. Also, this beard style, as it follows, the angles of your jawline can help to accent or accentuate your jawline attractively; it can also elongate your face.

How to Wear It

If you grow facial hair well, you can also rock this style. You may not need as much coverage as the long-short beard does but you will still need significant hair growth. Wear it by trimming your beard close and following your jawline. Like the long-short beard, be sure to keep the volume under your chin and jawline.

How to Care For It

To keep your beard looking good, you will need to trim it regularly —- every 2 weeks to every week. However, you may want to touch it up throughout your week. Like any beard, you will need to invest in a beard care regimen that will keep your hair and the skin underneath it healthy and happy:

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If you love the IDGAF look of leading men like Ryan Gosling or Aaron Paul, and want to up your beard style game, it’s time to try the short beard 2020.

The Cafe Racer: The Mustache

The cafe racer was popular in post World War II Britain and was the chosen mode of transformation for those maneuvering the busy streets of London and other bustling cities. The cafe racer was stripped down to only it’s most essential parts to make it easy to drive and to reach speeds of over 100 miles per hour. A favorite bike of the Ton-Up Boys, this bike was all about being stripped down and powerful. Read more about the cafe racer and style.

The mustache could be said to be the stripped-down facial hair counterpart to beards — but no less powerful. A well-maintained mustache is bold and sophisticated. Wear it with a clean-shaven face or a little stubble.

How to Wear It

A moustache can be worn by most men — however, you may need the patience to let it grow in and look its finest. A moustache can be trimmed in a variety of ways. Find what works for you and suits your face shape. Also, a moustache looks best for those with a sophisticated style.

How to Care For It

To get the best moustache possible, let it grow for about six to eight months and never trim above the lip. Using the right products can help keep your facial hair looking healthy and perfect at any stage of the growth process:

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Keeping your mustache trimmed will help you feel that Rebel Without a Cause-vibe no matter if you’re wearing leather out on the open road or walking the halls of the office.

The Bobber: Rock the Stubble

Would you consider yourself a minimalist? You don’t have to have a bold look to have a badass masculine style. Impeccable style can be understated. However, it’s all about the swagger you have as you wear it. Stubble is still “in” for the 2020s and like a Bobber bike that capitalizes on stripped-down minimalism and performance, stubble will provide you that understated, edgy look. Read more about the Bobber and style.

How to Wear It

If you want to grow a beard but can’t, or going “full-beard” isn’t in your wheelhouse, rocking some stubble might be for you. Stubble can help fuller, round faces look less round as stubble adds definition and this facial hairstyle won’t distract from your hairstyle either.

How to Care For It

As you grow stubble you may experience a little bit of discomfort as it can initially be a little itchy. To shape it, follow your jawline and facial bone structure and then wet shave all unwanted hair. A beard trimmer set to 3mm to 5 mm can help to keep your stubble to a suitable length. Avoid acne by frequently cleaning your trimmers guard and the razor head after use.

If you have a more chiseled facial shape and want to soften your look, instead of lining out your stubble, tapper the length of it — keep a shorter length on your neck and cheeks.

Use shaving products like:

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Enjoy the edgy and versatile style of stubble that has been the signature look of badasses throughout time.


If you struggle to grow a beard, it could simply be genetics. However, take a good look at your health —- a healthy body is more apt to grow a healthy, thick beard than one that isn’t getting the nutrition and care that it needs. Be sure to be getting the nutrition that you need! What you put in your body will affect the health of your beard.


A new decade means it’s time for a new look and Chopperhead can help you create the perfect look for you. Embrace your badass, edge style with Chopperhead. Shop all of our male grooming products online and be sure to check out our men’s hair care products as well.