“How Do I Avoid Helmet Hair?”

If you are a Chopperhead there is probably nothing that you look forward to more than getting out of the office and taking a break from homelife to get back on your bike. Whether you love the adrenaline rush of speed or enjoying a leisurely cruise out on the open road, there is probably one problem that we all share — helmet hair. Nothing is more frustrating, especially if you spent time styling your hair that morning, than to get into work, to your date, or wherever else you are going and have a matted, sweaty mess of hair. Today on the Chopperhead blog, we will give a couple of tips to keep your hairstyle looking badass despite your helmet.


The first thing that can help you keep from suffering from helmet hair is to consider changing up your hairstyle; there are some hairstyles that are more conducive to wearing a helmet than others. Thankfully, a lot of modern rock ‘n rock styles that are “in” are perfect when wearing a helmet. These styles include those that are longer on top and slicked back like the taper fade or undercut with a side part. When wearing these hairstyles you simply put your helmet on halfway reach into the face shield and smooth your hair back, then put your helmet on fully.


If you’re ready to change up your style, but don’t know what would look good on you, check out How to Choose the Right Men’s Haircut, one of our blogs from the archives.


Another thing you could try is wearing a head sock or knit skullcap under your helmet. We realize this a less “cool” option. However, you can easily keep your hair looking nice. Simply style your hair, put on the head sock or skullcap, and your hair should stay in place. When you get to your destination, you may need to spend some time fixing your hair, but most of it should have stayed right where you left it.


The more you style your hair, the more likely your hair will become trained to easily fall into place. The type of style that you have will determine how much you will need to train it. Keep in mind that there are some styles that will never be completely achieved without products, but time spent “doing your hair” is never wasted.


To keep your hair looking like you want it, you should also carry a comb with you. Chopperhead’s Folding Comb or Folding Pocket Comb are perfect for taking on the go with you. When you get to your destination, take a couple of minutes and comb through your hair, place the comb back in your pocket, and get on with your day.


Investing in the right products is a must to achieve the look that you want and to keep your hair looking its best. Chopperhead makes men’s hair products that can help you achieve that badass style no matter if you’re wearing a helmet. Some of our styling products include:

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