How Should I Shape My Beard?

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Are you not sure how to wear your beard? Are you afraid you might not look like the badass that you are and hope to channel? Then this blog post is for you. Beards can be a great look on many men, but it’s all about your grooming habits and how you shape your beard. To find the beard that you love, it may take a bit of trial and error, but knowing what looks good with your face shape is a perfect place to start.


Because everyone has a different face shape, everyone’s beards are going to look a little different. However, there are four general face shape categories that you can use as a guide to get the right look.


If you have a square face, you will want to trim your beard shorter on the sides and longer and fuller on your chin. This will create an angular-looking beard that will compliment your face shape well.


If you have a round face you will want to shape your beard to be shorter on the sides and longer on the bottom. Your beard shouldn’t be as angular-looking as someone with a square face, but it should gradually taper down to a point.

Oblong or Rectangle

A man with a oblong or rectangular face will want to create a look that is fuller on the sides, but shorter on the bottom. Essentially, your beard will compliment your look by following the oval or rectangular shape of your face.


If you have an oval-shaped face, you can choose a style that you like the best because your face shape allows for versatility. If this feels like too much freedom, go online and look at beards that you like and see how they are shaped, or try one of the styles mentioned above and see how you like it!

The great thing about cutting your hair or shaping your beard is that it isn’t a permanent change. So, if you try a beard shape or style that you don’t like, you only have to wait a few days to try something else. Also, it gives you the option to try a few different styles. As with anything, practice makes perfect, and as you shape your beard, you will get better at it and will find the beard shape that you love.

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