Keep Your Beard Looking Good All Summer Long

Welcome back to the Chopperhead blog! It’s time to enjoy some time out on the open road, at the beach, and in the mountains soaking up some much-needed sun and vacay. Though many like to rock less facial hair, many of us love to keep our beards all year long. However, with the season change, you may need to switch up your beard care. Today on the Chopperhead blog, we are going to share the secret to keeping your beard looking badass all summer long.

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The change of seasons often brings new challenges to hair care and beard care. With summer’s heat, potential dehydration, and more time spent out in the sun, your beard will need a little extra love and care. Here are five tips to keep your beard looking and feeling great!

Wash Regularly

Depending on what you have planned for your summer, it’s easy to let go of our usual hygiene regimen. However, during the summer it is more important than ever that you wash your beard with shampoo regularly — and even more frequently than normal. Why? Sweat. Sweat can make our faces feel sticky and can tend to trap dry skin, dirt, and other debris against our skin causing breakouts and itchiness. Wash your beard regularly to keep your skin clean and be sure to use a conditioner or beard oil to keep your beard moisturized.


Because you will be needing to wash your beard more due to heat and possible dehydration, it is crucial that you make a point to moisturize more and, as a result, keep your beard and face better hydrated. We opt to use beard oil over beard balm because it is lighter. However, depending on where you live and how dry the climate is, you may need more (available when you use beard balm) or less moisture (opt for beard oil). If your beard is itchy and frizzy, it’s time to moisturize.

Use Sunscreen

We know — sunscreen is a pain and really no one wants to wear it, but you must protect your skin and your hair! We suggest wearing it on your face and head even when you have a full head of hair. You can use regular sunscreen for your face, but do not use it on your beard or in your hair. Invest in a sunscreen specifically formulated for your hair and beard. Exposure to the sun breaks down the hair cuticle, fades hair color, and dries it out. Invest in hair and beard sunscreen to keep your beard soft and healthy.


Haircare and beard care is dependent on your male grooming products. However, how you care for your body makes a big difference. The amount of water that you consume directly affects how effectively your body can produce natural skin oil and hair oil and naturally hydrate your body. If you are doing everything you can to keep your beard looking good and you still aren’t seeing the results you wish for, try drinking a little more water a day — eight glasses of water or more daily. Don’t forget to treat your body to electrolytes!

Trim Often

To keep your beard looking good all summer and to eliminate split ends, trim it often. You don’t need to lose the entire beard! In many cases, one to two inches is the perfect amount to lose when it’s time for a trim.

A beard can provide excellent protection from the sun, offers a wonderful cooling effect when it’s wet, and let’s be honest — looks badass. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear a beard during the summer. Rock it whenever you want!


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