Pocket Combs: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re an avid GQ reader or you’ve simply seen other men use them, pocket combs are a thing of the here and now, and with all of the options available, it is time to get rid of those cheap, flimsy, plastic combs and invest in a comb that will do so much for you. Why? Today, on the Chopperhead blog, we are going to tell you why.


Making a big deal about a comb may seem silly — it’s something that simply tidies your hair throughout the day. However, it’s a tool that can affect your ability to achieve your desired look. Also, if you want to look good, you need a tool that you can rely on. We get it, having a cheap comb probably seems fine. But, we would ask, are you cheap? No! Do you want to look cheap? No! Cheap combs:

  • Look bad, especially when they begin to break down
  • Look cheap
  • Can’t always handle your styling needs
  • Can break easily
  • Look generic

Why Should I Buy a Pocket Comb?

There are pivotal moments in life when you decide to do something different. After some time after your change, you begin to wonder how you ever lived your life without a certain item or ritual. Investing in a pocket comb is one of those moments: there are many advantages to buying a quality pocket comb that you will find once you have your own — and you’ll wonder why you never had one before.

Styling On the Go

A pocket comb allows you to style and fix your hair no matter where you are. You can give your hair a quick comb through after a ride on the bike, before a big meeting, a date, or after lunch before you resume your day. You never have to worry about running home to fix your hair or looking subpar. With a pocket comb, you can simply fix your hair and go about your day at ease.


Knowing that you look good or that you have the means to keep yourself looking your best can increase your confidence, and we all know that confidence is key to everything thing we do — it’s one of the most attractive qualities of a person. Don’t let yourself feel self-conscious! Get a pocket comb, and have peace of mind that you look good all the time.


A pocket comb is incredibly versatile and allows you, no matter your style, to effectively fix your hair. There are a variety of comb styles that you can use at home. However, a pocket comb can be used on-the-go whenever you need it, even when you change up your style.

Pocket Comb Etiquette

Now that we have convinced you that you need a pocket comb, let us share with you some styling etiquette.

Never Comb Your Hair in Public

Because it’s so easy to straighten your hair, it can be easy to want to pull out your pocket comb and run it through your hair quickly, for example, when you’re at a restaurant or when you’re waiting for a meeting to begin, but don’t. Combing your hair even when it’s freshly washed, is unsanitary and will make others around you think you don’t have manners. Always style your hair in the bathroom or related space.

Wash it

You won’t need to wash your pocket comb daily or weekly, but keep an eye on it to see when it could use a quick rinse or wash. Not only will your hair not look as good after being exposed to a dirty comb, but your comb simply looks gross. Be sure to wash your comb to get the most out of it and look your best.

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