“Should I Grow a Beard?”

When it comes to changing our style it can feel like more or less of a big deal — especially when it’s on our face and our facial hair. We at Chopperhead say why not go for it? And we will have the products that you need to make it look good. We offer beard and male grooming products that are made for the rulebreakers, the rockstars, and those who prefer to feel the wind blowing through their hair on the open road. Find the products you need and how to use them on our website.

However, if you need any convincing for growing your beard, today’s blog post is for you.


In many cases, there are pros and cons to every decision that we make. For growing a beard, the only con is the extra time that you may spend in the bathroom grooming and trimming your beard. However, it really isn’t that much additional time — and the benefits far outweigh the few extra minutes it might take to maintain your beard. So, let’s dive into all the reasons why you should grow a beard.

Perception is Everything

First, well-groomed and shaped facial hair looks really good! Beards can help you look more mature, attractive, and healthy. Facial hair can also cause you to look more sophisticated, cultured, and interesting. Additionally, your facial hair can be changed easily, allowing you to switch up or try different looks. For colder spring days allow your beard to grow a little fuller. When you want to embrace a edgier look, trim your beard closer to your face.

Block UV Rays

Beards can also help to protect your skin against damage from UV rays. Thick beards can effectively block out 95% of UV rays. We do still suggest that you take the necessary means of sun protection. However, your beard can protect your skin from sunburn, as well as long-term damage such as cancer and aging; beards can essentially be a means of anti-aging — and you don’t have to pay a dime for it!

Could Reduce Acne

Some have found that they experience more acne when they shave than when they have a beard. Having a beard can help to keep bacteria and other pimple-causing substances off your face and out of your life. However, some have also found that they may have more acne when they wear facial hair.

The beard-ne (beard-acne) may be due to not washing your facial scarf as often as you should or applying enough moisture or beard oil to your beard. When your beard hair gets dry, it sucks up the moisture from your face causing your skin to dry out. As a result, your skin over compensates and over produces skin oil. This is what causes acne. With proper beard care, you can avoid acne.

Could Reduce Gum Disease

We know — this may sound reaching, but let us explain ourselves. A beard can act as a natural filter, keeping allergens, bacteria, pollen, and other objects off your face. In the same way, a mustache can help to filter out the bacteria that can cause gum disease. You still need to brush  and floss everyday to keep gum disease at bay and your pearly whites looking good, but a little extra help never hurt anyone!

More Confidence

A beard can inspire more confidence and a renewed sense of power. Not only may people see you as more mature, attractive, distinguished, and healthy, as a result of facial hair, they might start treating you differently. You may find more success in all areas of your life including your career, love life, and personal life. Like a nice smile can up your chances for success, so can a beard also increase your ability to get the most out of life.


There are more than a few reasons why you should choose to grow your facial hair. The biggest one is that you want to. Life is short; do what you want. We hope that no matter how you choose to wear your facial hair, you will wear it with confidence. Chopphead will provide you the beard care items you need to easily style and maintain your beard. Shop our products online or at a salon near you!