The Bobber: Classic Minimalism

James Dean, Steve McQueen, Buddy Holly, and Marlon Brando are all equated with badass masculine style. All of these men seemed to not only have that swagger that only comes with confidence, but also to have impeccable style, and a bike that became a part of what made them an icon. There a lot of reasons why these men and the everyday man has fallen in love with motorcycles. It may be the love of the wind on your face and looking off into the distance of the open road, or maybe it’s about the sound of a well-built rumbling engine, the adrenaline rush of speed and hugging the corners of a windy road. It could be all these things and maybe it was the style, lifestyle, and philosophy behind what it means to ride and care for a bike. No matter what it is, today we are going to talk about a bike that we are sure you will fall in love with no matter the reason you ride.


If you are new to the motorcycle world, here’s a short crash course (no pun intended) about the differences between a bobber, a motorcycle, and a chopper. A motorcycle is the umbrella term for all two-wheeled, single-track motorized vehicles. A chopper is motorcycle that has essentially been “chopped up.” In most cases, factory parts have been modified or they have been discarded for custom ones. The purpose behind these changes is to make the bike go faster and to customize the look of the bike.


A bobber is also a stripped down bike, but the fenders have been shortened and all unnecessary parts have been taken off. However, unlike the modifications made to the chopper, the main factory body will be kept. The purpose of the bobber is to strip it down to only the bare essentials. A bobber may also be called a hardtail. Other attributes of a bobber bike are usually old-school style handlebars, a solo seat, inner wiring, and Bate’s style lighting. It is said that the beginnings of the bobber can be traced back to men returning home from the World War II and modifying their bikes to include those very essential parts needed to make the motorcycle run.


Rock n’ rock has had a lot of looks including long wavy locks, messy boyish styles, tall, coiffed hairstyles and more. However, there is nothing so classic as a slicked-back look and its modern counterparts like the undercut, simple taper fade, and other looks. Like the modern bobber bikes these styles look to the past and are completely stripped down and completely badass.

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