Welcome to the Chopperhead Blog!

Hello! Welcome to the Chopperhead USA blog!

We are excited to welcome you to our brand-new website and the U.S. launch of our men’s hair care and male grooming products! We aren’t just another line of men’s hair care products. The Chopperhead product line was born out of heartfelt inspiration and dedication to providing hair care products with a striking and artistic signature style. The Chopperhead line is a collaborative endeavor that includes an entire crew outside of those in the hair care product community. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new line of men’s hair care products or visit our website.


Chopperhead is about so much more than hair care. It’s about a lifestyle and a dedication to clean, masculine style. As we mentioned, Chopperhead was collaborative project that started with Eric Famechon, CEO of the Cosmecare group and Raphael Perrier. Famechon, a biker at heart wanted to create a new line of men’s hair care products and began brainstorming. Partnering with Perrier was only natural as Famechon began to understand what he wanted this new line of products to be like. Perrier is a force to be reckoned with; as a four-time world champion and coach of the French hairstyling team who always gives his clients his signature rock-n-rock style, he brought his expertise to the project, and soon Chopperhead was born.

To create an authentic men’s hair care product line dedicated to masculine beauty, Famechon and Perrier gathered a crew of talented hairstylists, tattoo artists, and artists inspired by street art to contribute their own creative ideas. The crew grew to five strong to include Julien Vialleix, Maxime Redon, and Germain Evrard-Lebret, all talented hairstylists with a long list of credentials. Sybarite a world-class tattoo artists specializing in the hand-poke technique of tattooing joined the team and brought his distinct personal style with him. Pedro Oyarbide, an artist who uses images to make a dynamic impression contributed with his expression and style inspired by street culture, motorbikes, skateboards, and tattoos. Together this team of badasses in their own right, created Chopperhead, an innovative, modern, and masculine product line unlike any other in the industry.


Chopperhead isn’t a new idea. Chopperhead has already gained a following in France and has become so successful that we wanted to bring it to the U.S. We offer shaving and beard essentials, as well as hair styling products and combs that you can use at home or on the go.

Shaving Essentials

Chopperhead shaving essentials include Aftershave Balm, Aftershave Tonic, Shaving Cream, and Shaving Oil. Each of our products are made for a close shave with all the ingredients for shaving and skin care that men need.

Beard Essentials

We offer essential beard products to keep your beard looking it’s best. We provide moisturizing oil and shampoo that, combined with our shaving essential products and sleek combs, can give you that masculine look you want.

Hair Styling Products

Our hairstyling products are for men who want a sleek look, an effortless tousled style, or a highly structured and hard to achieve look. Our products don’t just provide styling options, but they also offer nourishing benefits as well.

Chopperhead Combs

We offer combs that can help you style when you’re at home getting ready for the day or on the go. See our full selection on our website.

Buy individual male grooming products online or fill our dealer application online. Shop Chopperhead and get that badass, classic, rock-n-roll style.