What Do You Know About Beards?

What do you know about beards? If you can grow one and have used any of Chopperhead’s male grooming products, you probably know a thing or two about caring for and shaping your own facial hair. However, how many interesting facts do you know about beards? Today on the Chopperhead blog, we are going to explore some of the most bizarre and interesting trivia about one of the most define qualities of a man’s appearance.


Longest Beard

The record for the longest beard of all time is held by Hans Langseth, a Norwegian who grew his beard to an astonishing 17 feet and 6 inches! Hans passed away in 1927, allowing Shamsher Singh of Punjab, India to have the longest beard of any living man, measuring at 6 feet long.

Your Beard Grows How Much?

Have you ever wondered how long your beard would be if you let that five o’clock shadow go? On average a man’s beard will grow 5 inches per year and at that rate if you decided to never shave or trim your beard again, your beard would measure at 27 feet.

The Fear Of Beards

There are some people who unfortunately have a fear of beards. The very sight of a beard can induce nausea, dread, sweating, and irregular heartbeat. The official name of this fear is Pogonophobia.

The Number of Hairs on Your Face

It is said that there are an average of 30,000 hairs on a man’s face.

Beards Are a Sign of Wisdom

Though the validity of this statement is up for debate, historical figures such as  Socrates, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, and Shakespeare all sported a beard. Also, philosophers of ancient Rome had to be able to grow a beard. Those that sported a beard were even automatically assumed to a philosopher.

An OG With a Gold Beard

Gold chains are a symbol of status in much of today’s culture. However, during the time of the ancient Egyptians, gold beards were all the rage for men of high position and many men bleached their beards blonde or used henna to color them. Beards, no matter how they were styled, were revered by all. Both men and women, as well as ceremonial cows wore metal beards.

Defeating Communism One Beard At A Time

It is said that during the 1960s the CIA concocted a plan to ruin Fidel Castro’s beard to hurt his public image and ultimately defeat communism in Cuba. The plan was to put thallium salts which women uses as a depilatory, in Castro’s shoes. However, the plan never came to fruition and Castro’s beard remained unharmed and intact.

Beards Weren’t For Warriors

Though many men still wore beards on the battlefield, some were encouraged to shave theirs off. When Alexander The Great was going to battle in Ardela, he had all of his soldiers shave, giving the enemy one less advantage as beards could be dangerous in hand-to-hand combat.

My Beard Did Not Commit Treason

When allegations of treason are being thrown around it is important to make the distinction of who actually committed the act of treason. When Sir Thomas More was awaiting his beheading, he moved his beard out of the way of the guillotine, and he is recorded saying, “It had never committed any treason.”

Peter the Great Wasn’t a Fan

Not only did Peter the Great pose a tax on men who wore beards, but those who sported a beard had to wear a medallion as a license to don a beard. Even though it is easy to assume that Peter the Great was just greedy, being clean shaven was a part of his philosophy. It is believed that he said “The beard is a useless burden.”

Protective Facial Hair?

According to one study, beards could be considered a protectant against the sun. Beards can block up to 95 percent of the sun’s UV rays and protect you against basal-cell carcinomas. As a result, facial hair can prevent signs of premature aging.

Do You Study Beards Professionally?

Yes, you can study beards as a professional. If you decide to make a career change and become a scholar of facial hair, at a dinner parties, you can refer to yourself as a pogonologist who studies pogonology.

Mr President With a Beard

Most politicians are clean shaven. However, Abraham Lincoln became the first president to grow a beard. His appearance change came as a result of a letter he received from an eleven year old girl named Grace Bedel. She is said that Lincoln’s thin face would look so much better if it was accompanied by a beard.

Shaving as Sign of Manhood?

Boys in ancient Rome were considered to officially enter manhood when they turned 21 and shaved for the first time. Their first shave was part of the coming of age celebration. However, when a family member died or the empire was met with disaster, men let their beards grow as a sign of mourning.

Have Allergies? Grow a Beard!

Do you suffer from allergies and the effects of dust? It may be a good idea to grow a beard. In some cases, facial hair acts as a filter keeping dust, pollen, and other allergens away from your nose. Growing a beard can be a health choice!


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