What Men’s Hair Care Products Do I Need?

Welcome back to the Chopperhead blog! In our last blog post, we discussed why it’s important for you to care for your hair and to choose better quality products. Be sure to check out our last post to read about taking care of your hair. However, stay right here to learn more about our products and which you should buy to achieve your desired style.

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Have you ever wondered why some men seem to have effortlessly styled hair? Some men are just gifted this way, but in many cases, behind a great style are great products. The right styling products as well as these factors affect how your hair holds a style:

Other Factors That Affect Your Hairstyle

Your Haircut

To achieve a certain hairstyle, you need your hair to be cut in a way that allows it to happen — meaning, If your hair isn’t cut for a certain hairstyle, it will be hard and sometimes impossible to achieve a certain style. Talk to your stylist about the hairstyle you would like to achieve and if that is the right style for your face shape.

The Health of Your Hair

Limp, lifeless, damaged hair is extremely difficult to style, and hair weighed down by excess oil is also difficult to style. Be sure that you are using products that protect your hair and take care of your hair when using heat tools; be gentle when you dry your hair and comb it. Also, be sure your hair is getting the moisture that it needs so it isn’t overproducing oil.

Other Hair Products That You Use

It is important that you use high-quality, natural products to cleanse and nourish your hair. These products will not only help to keep up the health of your hair, but will help you avoid product build up which can not only make styling difficult, but will over time damage your hair due to moisture, oil, and nutrients being unable to reach your hair. This can also contribute to clogged hair follicles which can lead to hair thinning.

Addressing these issues can easily help your hair to style properly along with the right product. Shop our men’s shampoo that is also a beard shampoo — made with nourishing benefits such as vitamin E, coffee, ginseng, and guarana. Shop online.


When it comes to men’s hair care products there is more out there than crunchy gel and one kind of pomade. There is a wide variety of hair products that can help you achieve your style.

Flexible & Relaxed

Do you want to achieve a soft, flexible hold for a relaxed style? Then you will love Chopperhead’s low-shine pomade. This product comes in a tin and is easy to use. It is made from natural, nourishing ingredients that will help you achieve your desired look and care for your hair. Shop our Traditional Hair Pomade.

Structured or Slicked Back

Our Aqua Wax is perfect for creating a wet-look for a structured, slicked back style. Use our wet look hair wax which will also nourish your hair and provide hold that you can rely on all day long no matter if you’re at the office or working on the bike in the garage. Shop our Aqua Wax.

Flexible & Natural Restyling

Our matte wax cream can help you create an artfully tousled look with a flexible style. When you use Chopperhead’s Matte Wax, you can enjoy natural restyling all day as you run your fingers through your hair. Embrace your rock n’ roll, edgy style easily with this men’s styling product. Shop our Matte Wax.

High-Gloss Finish

For the man who wants options along with a high-gloss finish, we have our pomade hair wax. Achieve multiple styles and enjoy your own personal, badass style however you like each day. Shop our pomade hair wax. Shop our pomade hair wax.

Half-Matte, High & Structured

Fiber gel can help you achieve a half-matte, half-gloss finish while helping you achieve high volume, slicked-back looks. Enjoy achieving a high modern pompadour and other similar styles for a modern, rock-n-roll style that you can adapt to your particular style. Shop our Fiber Gel.

High Volume

For those looking for a dramatic, sky-high look, look no further than our strong fixing gel. When you use this men’s hair care product you can trust that it will stay right where you left it. You can also use on short or tousled looks. Shop our Strong Fixing Gel.

You can also use our strong hold hair gel for the same high-volume looks that require some shine. Shop our Modeling Gel.


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