What Products Do I Need?

Welcome back to the Chopperhead blog! In our last blog post, we discussed how our products work together to help you have a healthy beard and complexion. If you missed it, be sure to check out our Beard Care 101 blog post to learn how you can keep your skin comfortably moisturized, your beard luscious and healthy, and looking your very best.

Today, however, we are going to talk about how to get the most out of our styling products.


Whether you’re new to the styling game and ready to learn how to get the perfect look or you’re looking for a new product to give you that badass style, today’s blog post can help you pick the styling product that will give you, your desired results.

Traditional Wax

Chopperhead’s Traditional Wax is made to provide a slightly glossy finish which can be used to achieve a lot of styling options. Use our pomade hair wax to sculpt easy, tousled styles as well as sleek looks — that have an easy, yet finished look.  To Use: Use a small dab, work between your fingers and apply to damp or dry hair.

Matte Wax

If you want to create an artful, tousled look that you can play with all day, then you want to use Chopperhead’s matte cream wax. Our Matte Wax remains flexible all day, allowing you to restyle your hair throughout the day while maintaining a natural look. Additionally, we include natural ingredients in this product to moisturize your hair as you wear it.

To Use: Warm a small dab of product in your hands, work through your hair using your fingers. Tousle or style as you like.

Fiber Gel

If you don’t want a shiny product, but you also don’t want a completely matte product, our fiber gel for hair is entirely effective for creating slicked-back looks and high-volume styles that are equally shiny and matte. This product provides medium hold for a style that will stay put but also be soft to the touch — a strong, but natural hold to last all day.

To Use: Use a small dab and work into dry or damp hair using your fingers.

Modeling Gel

Our strong hold hair gel for men was designed to help you create those styles that can be difficult to achieve if you don’t have the right products. Use our Modeling Gel to create high, voluminous styles that have a little shine. Like all of our products, our strong hold hair gel works well with all of the waxes and pomades we offer to help you achieve that tall rock-n-roll look that you desire.

To Use: Spread a small dab all over damp hair (including your roots) and style.

Strong Fixing Gel

If you want a rock-n-roll look that isn’t going anywhere, Chopperhead’s strong fixing gel can create a reliable hold while giving your hair shine. What sets our strong fixing gel apart is that it causes your hair to essentially “remember” how it was styled — helping it to stay put all day. Forget about flaky, unreliable gels and mousses — achieve difficult and voluminous styles that will stay all day with our strong hold hair gel for men.

To Use: Work a small dab between your hands and work through damp or dry hair, and style.

Hair and Beard Shampoo

Even though our Hair and Beard Shampoo isn’t a styling product, it can affect how well you can achieve the style you want. By nourishing and hydrating your scalp and hair, our men’s shampoo product promotes healthy strong hair and combats irritation, redness and dandruff, in addition to removing residue from your hair and scalp. The best thing is that you can use it on your beard, too!

To Use: Work through your hair and massage into your scalp. Rise out with water.

To learn more about our men’s hair care products and apply for retailing, visit our website.

Chopperhead creates men’s hair care products that not only allow you to easily achieve the masculine, badass style you’re looking for, but also nourish your hair and promote optimal hair and scalp health. Enjoy the benefits of natural ingredients formulated by world champion hairstylists and barbers, tattoo artists, street artists, and chopperheads — shop online!