What You Need to Know About Men’s Hair Care Products

Welcome back to the Chopperhead blog! The one place to get hair care and beard care tips — as well as learn about chopper history and facts. We believe that men should embrace their masculine beauty and their badass, rockstar personality. For this reason, Chopperhead offers high-quality, men’s hair care products and male grooming products. Visit our website to shop all of our products or keep reading to learn seven facts that can help you have badass hair.


Are you frustrated with your hair? Do you believe that you don’t have great hair? It could be that you just need to make an adjustment to your hair care routine or hair style. Keep reading to learn more!

Choose the Right Hairstyle For Your Face

First, to look your best, you need to choose a hairstyle that fits your face. Each person has a different face shape. However, most people have one of six basic face shapes:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Oblong
  • Square
  • Diamond
  • Triangle

No face shape is better than the other; it simply can help you decide on the best hairstyle to bring out your features.

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Other factors to consider when choosing the best hairstyle for you include your hair type (fine, thick, or curly) as well as personal style, and desired maintenance level. When choosing a hairstyle type, it’s important to consider your lifestyle; if you hate taking time to do your hair, consider choosing a low maintenance hairstyle. However, if you want to up your look, try a hairstyle that may require more styling and maintenance.

Invest in Better Products

We get it — it’s easy to stop by your local grocery store and buy the shampoo that is the cheapest. However, there is always a reason why that shampoo is only a few dollars: it is made with harmful and harsh chemicals that may cleanse your hair, but will do so at the cost of the health of your hair and scalp. If you look at your hair care products and there is a long list of ingredients with long names you don’t recognize, chances are you need to toss your current hair care regimen.


Men’s hair care products, such as those we offer at Chopperhead are made with natural ingredients that effectively cleanse and nourish your hair and scalp. Our styling products and male grooming products are formulated in the same way — nourishing ingredients and effective styling.

Protect Your Hair & Scalp

Even though you might not spend hours a day with a straightener, you still need to protect your hair. You can do this through investing in better men’s hair care products as well as through how you handle your hair. Instead of rubbing your head and hair harshly, gently rub it. Also, do not yank on it as you comb through it or style it. be careful as you apply heat; knowing the right temperature for your hair when using heat tools is a must and in most cases, we suggest staying away from the high setting of your hairdryer and other tools.


Another way to protect your hair includes not washing your hair every day. Depending on your lifestyle, your hair doesn’t need to be washed. Overwashing it can lead to both your hair and scalp drying out — and even dandruff. This is important if you have naturally dry hair. Figure out what works for you, your lifestyle, and your hair type.

Use Conditioner

It’s easy to assume that you don’t need conditioner or it’s easy to skip the conditioning step regularly as it requires more time in the shower. Though it does require more time, it doesn’t require that much more time and using conditioner regularly is a practice that will definitely pay off. Conditioner can not only keep your hair moisturized and healthier, but it can make styling your hair easier. Healthy pliable hair is easier to style, looks better, and doesn’t appear lifeless like dry, damaged, or dead hair. Also, dry hair and a dry scalp can lead to dandruff — which no one wants — as well as the over production of oils which will cause your hair to be extra oily and hard to style.


Tip: If you are experiencing dandruff, you will know that it is due to dryness if the flakes are grey in color. If they are yellow colored, then that means you need to wash your hair, and you may need to scrub (gently!) your scalp more thoroughly.

Choose Your Styling Products Wisely

Like when you are choosing your shampoo and conditioner, you will want to choose natural styling products as well. Strong chemicals can dry out your hair, create damage, and are simply unhealthy to expose to your body. Additionally, they are usually ineffective, and may look bad. You don’t want your hair to look greasy or crunchy — or worse, flaky — because of cheap hair styling products. Invest in styling products that will enhance your hair without damaging it.

Cut Your Hair Regularly

Though cutting your hair isn’t directly related to men’s hair care products, it does affect the health of your hair and the effectiveness of the products you choose. Depending on your hairstyle, you should visit the barber every two to three weeks. It’s also important to cut your hair regularly. Not only will this keep your hair at the proper length, but it will keep its proper shape. Our hair grows at different rates causing some hairs to grow longer than others. When your hair loses its shape, it can affect how your style looks and how it styles. Visit your barber regularly to look your best!

Shop Chopperhead Products

If you want products that are simple, are formulated with natural ingredients, and will truly care for your hair, shop Chopperhead. We provide a variety of men’s hair care products as well as male grooming products. We try to make it simple by offering men’s shampoo that can function as a beard shampoo, as well and our styling products are extremely easy to use. We made our products for men looking to embrace their masculine beauty, for those who love the edgier side of life, and men who want rockstar style. Shop Chopperhead online or look for it at a salon near you!

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