How to Use Men’s Hair Wax

Tips to Get Your Hairstyle Right

Do you want to make your hair look fabulous every single day? Then, you must try out premium hair wax to style it daily. It will help you retain the look and also keep your mane healthy. However, you can't just rub a little wax on your hair and expect to look like Tom Ellis!

Have a look at these tips to do your hair waxing the right way!

Prep Your Palms

Take a little bit of hair wax out of the container using your fingertips. Avoid taking too much as it won't help in styling your hair. Then, start massaging the wax on both of your palms.
This will make the wax warm and will help you apply it to your hair easily. Do this properly until your fingertips and palms have sufficient wax on them. Chopperhead has amazing hair waxes you can check out.

jars of different hair waxes
man posing for camera, hair done nicely

Massaging Technique

You are now all set to start massaging your hair with wax. Start by rubbing your palms and fingertips through your hair. Try to move your palms from front to back to coat your hair properly with the product.

You can also change your hands and reverse the direction of the application. It will ensure that the product is evenly distributed through your hair. But avoid applying too much product, as hair wax can be very difficult to wash out.

Wax Layering

Try to slowly layer your hair with wax instead of going all in at once. Applying too much at once can make your hair flat and heavy, which won't help style.

Try to coat the hair strands properly with the wax by slowly running your fingertips through them. If you have very dry hair, you can gradually increase the amount of wax to coat it.

man with beard and styled hair
Rock on holding hair wax

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After coating your hair, it's time to get to the styling. Move your fingers through your hair to give it the shape and style you want. You can go for a slick back look, messy bedhead, or the mafia hairdo! Whatever you pick, make sure it suits your face.
If you have short or medium hair, wax styling will be easier. For people with long hair, you might have to give it a little more time.
After styling, let the wax settle. If your hair isn't holding the style, don't keep on adding wax, as it makes your hair heavier.

Styling your hair isn't a one-shot affair; it's an art you master with time. But using Chopperhead's hair wax for men and other styling products will transform you into a stud and turn heads for sure!