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Aftershave Lotion for Men Who Embrace Their Natural Masculine Beauty


  • Aftershave lotion soothes skin after shaving and combats irritation and redness.
  • Made with natural products for skin regeneration and nourishment.
  • Use after shaving and before Aftershave Balm application. 

Chopperhead’s alcohol-free Aftershave Tonic soothes the skin post shave and is one of our men’s grooming products and shaving essentials engineered for irritation-free, healthy skin. Our after-shave tonic lotion has been specially formulated to combat irritation and redness using natural ingredients such as coffee, ginseng, and guarana extracts. These natural ingredients also regenerate and nourish the skin post-shave.
Chopperhead’s aftershave lotion’s soothing qualities are enhanced by its alcohol-free formula. Like all of Chopperhead’s men’s grooming products, our aftershave tonic lotion is for the man embracing his masculine beauty. Buy our Aftershave Tonic online!

Application: Add a little lotion to the palm of your hand and then apply to your face.


  • Alcohol-free
  • Coffee
  • Ginseng
  • Guarana extracts
  • 100-ml bottle

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