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Chopperhead’s men’s hair care products and essential male grooming products are formulated for masculine style.

From the products themselves to the packaging, Chopperhead was created for badasses everywhere who live to feel the wind in their hair on the open road, experience the grittiness of street art, and the grungy distortion of rock-n-roll than anything else.

Badass Products For Hair Stylists & Their Clients

Chopperhead is a collaborative effort created by tattoo artists, street-inspired artists, bikers, and other badass creatives for men who love to embrace classically-inspired, edgy looks. Whether you are a man seeking the ultimate hair and beard shampoo and a compact men’s folding comb, or the hair stylist looking for a strong gel for hair that fits the style of your clients, find all that you need online. Apply to be an official Chopperhead retailer online.



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